How can Backpacker by STA Travel help you?

We don’t just sit around the office Facebook stalking Doug the Pug and pretending
we’re going to yoga later. We’ve spent over 35 years on the road ACTUALLY STALKING
the best local suppliers to secure extraordinary travel experiences at the lowest prices.
Available in every store, here’s some of the good stuff you’ll need to pick up for the road.


Feeling pretty fly right now.

Over 35 years ago, STA Travel’s Merlin-bearded, socks and sandal-clad forefathers created the first ever tickets for students and young people. They were cheaper, more flexible and flew in the face of everything we’d ever known about airfares – offering unlimited stops, rebellious routings and easy date changes.

They were blue. So we called them BlueTickets (slow day in the marketing team). And over 35 years later, they’re still the lowest airfares on the planet.

Flight home, next stop on your round the world trip, “help I’m being deported” emergency airfare… call into our Backpacker stores across Thailand and Australia to book one of our famous BlueTickets.


Ho hos before bros. 

Perfect for indecisive and likely-to-fail-a-breathalyser travellers, hop-on hop-off busses are the backbone of the backpacker world. Why?

Pay upfront for a pass, book onto your first bus, maybe make friends, maybe don’t, drive the scenic way rather than on the highway, maybe do a bungy jump, get dropped off at a hostel, go out. Repeat the next day.

Or whenever you’re ready. It’s 100% flexible for when you’re ready to move on. If you fall in love with a place, or you’re just too hungover to move, you can stay. Available on every continent other than Antarctica (bit nippy), it’s a no brainer,  backpackers!


We’re bringing sexy back… pack.

Usually regarded as the least sexy part of travelling (along with money belts and the shock of your first brush with backpacker flu) we felt it was about time someone highlighted the heroics of travel insurance.

Travel insurance will reimburse you if your stuff gets nicked, support you if you decide to dive out of a light aircraft, nurse you back to health from your overseas sick bed, and generally lend its silent support while you skip around the planet doing stuff you wouldn’t usually do, in places you wouldn’t usually do them in. Travel insurance, we salute you! Short promotional lecture over.


Take that trailer trash on the road, travellers!

The Thelma and Louise of travel (the bit with a youthful Mr Pitt, not the group cliff-diving bit) campervans make nothing but epic road trips.

Masters of the slow lane and your driving destiny, you answer to no one (other than traffic wardens etc). There’s no sharing dorms with the world’s most hideous snorer. You go where you want when you want, wild swimming in lakes instead of showering (optional) and giving the imaginary finger to those who don’t have a beer fridge in the back.

It’s freedom, sing-a-long power ballads and saving money all the way for you, you absolute hero.


Backpacker death match: elephant vs. honey badger.

You’re away from home, you’re eating Cheetos for breakfast, you’re loving life. But something’s missing. You need a pack. You need to be an elephant.

Elephants roam the land in groups of 12, looking out for their members and fighting off all manner of toothy intruders. Elephants make great travellers.

Our small group tours also have 12 people. Exploring the world in a way you never could on your own, it’s all the best bits of travelling (lifelong friends, local guides, homestays, not getting lost) without any of the crap.

Or, you could be like a honey badger. Alone and angry in your backpacker bachelor/bachelorette world, never knowing what it’s like to have real friends.

Looking for a tour somewhere in particular? 

Sydney   –   Blue Mountains   –   Queensland & Great Barrier Reef   –   Melbourne & the Great Ocean Road    –   Western Australia


Local trips, run my locals.

Shopping for day trips abroad can be fun. People chasing you down the street waving laminated photos at you and shouting things like “best price” and “Rooney, Manchester United!”. You’re an instant local legend, a pied piper for tour touts and street dogs.

Until the next day, when instead of an authentic adventure up the Mekong whilst bonding over the merits of the European Premiership, you’re met by demands for an undisclosed local payment and a van of overheated and similarly stressed out tourists.

We’ve spent over 35 years sourcing trusted local operators, so that everyone wins.

What do you want to do?

Skydiving, bungy jumping & mad adrenaline rushes   –    Great Ocean Road  –   Melbourne & Phillip Island   –   Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef   –   Blue Mountains