The Crew

NAME: Josh Lowe
STORE: Cairns
SKILL: Australia & New Zealand Specialist

MY friends are all married & I’m like, MMMM which country do I go to next havaianas_flip_flops_6-1969px
MONEY SPENT ON THONGS: $5, its a bargain at that discount shop down the road
AUSTRALIAN STATES VISITED : Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland
MY FAMILY KNOW: they may not see me for months, as I’m always overseas
THEY DON’T KNOW: I’ve spent about $100K on travelling in 10 years ..
COME AND SEE ME BECAUSE: I’m the expert of Australia, New Zealand & Fiji, I have done everything that is on your bucket list & a whole lot more


DRINK AT: Pier Bar! Can’t beat the view and $5 pints
WHEN HUNGRY, EAT AT: Woolshed, because I can get you 30% off the menu
DO NOT LEAVE CAIRNS WITHOUT: Visiting the crew of Backpacker by STA, we’re awesome
LEAVE CAIRNS FOR: New Zealand, the second best country in the world