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backpackerstaff-1NAME: Kat
STORE: George Street, Sydney
SKILL: Humming. And sax (with an ‘a’)

PEOPLE KNOW: I studied Vietnamese, German, Indonesian and a bit of Burmese. And music
THEY DON’T KNOW: How any of these go together
IF I WASN’T HERE, I’D BE: That strange white girl busking somewhere in Vietnam
BEST TRIP: The Silk Road baby!
NEXT TRIP: Uhhh, which one? I’ve got everywhere from Mongolia, Argentina, Sudan and Indonesia on the list.

DRINK AT: Stoned Crow. They have Peking Duck pizza and decent tap beers
EAT AT: Sherpa’s Kitchen in Newtown. If you haven’t tried Nepalese momos, you need to be educated!
DO NOT: Leave a night out in Sydney without knowing where is still open after lockouts