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Skydives, bungy jumps and other mad sh*t


We deal out adrenaline explosions to hundreds of beach-bored backpackers every year – in the more traditional forms of skydives and ‘Xtreme’ white water rafting, as well as weird, creative forays down waterfalls, up harbour bridges, and under the surface of a body of water aptly named Shark Bay… protective cage optional.

Basically, all the thrills, zero spills. You know, of your beer. Or blood… or any other bodily fluids.

Here’s a taste of what you can book in our Backpacker stores…





Psst, wanna get high with us?
14,000 feet in the clouds kind of high, strapped to a highly experienced and often man-bun clad instructor with a parachute? ‘Flexible skydiving’ might sound like a form of advanced gymnastics, but what we really mean is that you can book it now before you run out of money or courage, and decide where exactly you want to throw yourself out of a plane later.

Where you can skydive: Airlie Beach (great views) Mission Beach (great beach landing), Cairns (great bragging opportunities on the night out afterwards), Byron Bay (possibly the fittest instructors?), Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (all three depart daily, except Xmas and New Year Day)

Inclusions: Tandem Skydive, return transfers from local accommodation, jump certificate, all equipment and training.

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50 metres might not sound like much compared to 14,000 feet… but this one doesn’t have a parachute. Still, it’s simple. And not scary at all.
Step 1. Climb to the top of Australia’s only bungy tower.
Step 2. Admire the views across lush green canopies to the Great Barrier Reef.
Step 3. Ignore the voices in your head, they’re your boring side. They don’t want you to be happy.
Step 4. Dive off over a tropical pool. Scream your heart out. Swear a lot.
Step 5. Thank AJ Hackett, the crazy Kiwi daddy of adventure, for being mad enough to jump off a bridge 30 years ago and make all this possible.

Departs: Daily from Cairns Inclusions: One jump from 50m, bungy certificate, return transfers to/from Cairns, insane views, gentle encouragement, optional tearful phonecall to your mum.

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Shark cage dive trip


People said we were stupid, but we knew we were great.
Ha! No, we are serious – this is genuinely a great idea. Located three hours off the South Australian coast, not only are the Neptune Islands full of cute dolphins and sealions (aka, appetisers. And we don’t mean for our eyes), they’re also one of the best places on the planet to see great white sharks. When you reach Shark Bay (you’ll know because the Jaws theme will spontaneously start playing in your head), you can opt to jump into a cage, or inside one of those old-school looking aqua-sub things. You know, to really get face to face.

Departs: Daily from Port Lincoln

Inclusions: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, free return transfers from select hotels, otherwise AUD $10 per person transfers from other hotels.

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Who remembers the part in Homeward Bound when Sassy gets swept down the waterfall, mistaken for dead… only to be swept into the arms of a cool, bearded wilderness man and nursed back to heath? Who thought, ‘when I group up, I want that to be me’? Yes. You are not alone. Us too.
The best white water rafting in Australia, the gnarly adventurers at Raging Thunder have been rafting the Tully River for over 30 years. Power down grade three and four rapids past World Heritage rainforest and dramatic rock formations, jumping out to body surf and rock jump. Break for a riverside barbie before carrying on downstream. Juuust remember the 20-minute eating/swimming rule, kids.

Departs: Daily from Cairns and Mission Beach

Inclusions: Full day trip with up to five hours’ rafting on the Tully River (spoiler: you’ll be physically and mentally exhausted!), barbecue lunch, return transfers from Cairns or Mission Beach.


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