About Us


So, what’s the difference between you and STA Travel? 

STA Travel is the big dawg. He convinces you to leave home and go travelling.

Backpacker is what happened when STA Travel hit the road, got drunk, and then deported.

What do you do then?

Our Backpacker stores in Australia and Thailand are here for all your adventures on the road – to find you a bed, book you an adventure and pick you up when you’re down.

You mention hangovers a lot, can we trust you? 

Yes officer. Part of the STA Travel family, we’ve been trusted by travellers since 1979.

We started Backpacker so that our travellers would have somewhere to go for local advice and authentic adventures, free from being ripped off or chased by wild dogs.

Can I book on your site? 

No, we’re currently operating from an illegal server in the STA Travel basement. That’s a lie – we’re actually operating from a few small stores across Oz and Southeast Asia, but we’re all about helping you out while you’re travelling, backpacker to backpacker.

Where are your stores? 

Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth, Bangkok, Chaing Mai,  Phuket and Cape Town, with more on the way.

I booked with STA Travel at home, can I add to my booking in a Backpacker store? 

Yes! We share the same booking system so we already know your name. We’re like the Cheers of the travel world.

Click here to find out exactly what it is we can help you with while you’re stampeding around the world.