You’ve been travelling for five painful long hours and there’s only so many things your eye can spy. One of these games should cure another 10 minutes of boredom. You’re welcome!


Sorry I’m Late


Players needed: 2+

Rules: Someone starts the game off by saying “Sorry I’m late…” and then explains a reason why they were late, but the reason given is a description of the plot of a movie. The other players have to guess what movie you’re thinking of.

Example: “Sorry I’m late, I was saving my wife from Alan Rickman with a bad German accent. Yippie-Ki-Yay.”

Answer: Die Hard

Three Word Story


Players needed: 2+

Rules: Each player takes it in turns to say three words to make a story. You need players with a good imagination for this one to be even mildly entertaining.

While You Were Sleeping


Players needed: 2+ and one person to fall asleep

Rules: When someone falls asleep, wait for them to wake up. Once they’re awake, someone starts making up a story of what happened while they were sleeping and then the next player adds to the story. If the sleepy person starts to question your part of the story then you lose.

Example: “While you were sleeping we got pulled over by the police because apparently it’s illegal in this country for a passenger to be asleep. So we had to pay a fine of $50, which we found in your backpack.”

Fortunately / Unfortunately


Players needed: 2+

Rules: The first player starts by saying “fortunately” followed by something fortunate. The next player continues the game by saying “unfortunately” followed by something unfortunate about the previous statement. Continue to do so until someone makes a mistake or can’t think. Then they’re out.

Example: Fortunately, Jack managed to find out where that girl he liked from the last hostel is going to next. Unfortunately, she thought he was a creep. Fortunately, Jack doesn’t take hints very well. Unfortunately, she’s already put a restraining order in against him.

The Intros Round


Players needed: 3+

Rules: Any fans of the classic BBC2 show Never Mind The Buzzcocks will already know how this one works. We’ve modernised it a bit! Grab your iPhone, share your headphones with another player and put a playlist on shuffle. Then you have to use your own musical abilities to reenact the intro of the song that plays to the other players.

Example: This video will explain everything.

RIP La Roux The Satsuma



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