With editing technology becoming so much easier than it used to be and without needing the fancy equipment, there’s no excuse for you to not grab yourself a camera and get shooting. We’ve got you covered on all the equipment you’re going to need to become the Spielberg of the vlogging world.

1.     Canon G7x

The Canon G7x is a vloggers best friend. Fan of a selfie? This camera has a flip screen so you can make sure your pout is positioned into the frame. It is also great for filming in lowlight conditions so when you’re in the outback late at night and you can’t find your torch, this little guy is still going to pick up what’s going on! Another bonus is that it has optical image stabilization which gets rid of that annoying shake effect. It’s touchscreen also allows you to quickly change focus points while shooting.  It’s pocket size too so you can be ready to grab your camera at any moment to capture and it won’t take up too much space in your backpack.

2.     Joby Gorillapod

You don’t need to drag around a huge tripod to get cinematic shots because the flexible 3 legged Gorillapod makes it easy to bend and adjust the tripod into any odd shape you want for those creative angles. You can wrap the legs around a branch, a railing, a rock, or any random object you can think of. The Joby also doubles up as a selfie stick to give a bit of extra length when filming yourself so that you’re getting the background in as well as your pretty face.


3.     Spare batteries

We know, we’re starting to take up a lot of room in your backpack but spare batteries are vital! Trust us. Imagine you’ve bump into Russell Crowe in a Melbourne cafe and your camera has died. How could you ever prove you rubbed shoulders with a celebrity without picture evidence? Charge up, you’ll be Glad-iator you did!

4.     SD cards, SD card and more SD cards

So Russell Crowe has agreed to a selfie but your SD card is already full and you don’t really want to delete that footage of the sunset from the last night because it’s oh so pretty. Stock up on SD cards so you can have sunsets AND Russell selfies!

5.     Somewhere to store your SD cards, SD card and more SD cards

Russell Crowe agreed to your selfie, you both look amazing and it could just be the best photo you’ve ever taken. The SD card is now full so you’ve replaced it with another because you’ve bumped into Hugh Jackman (We can’t promise if you backpack in Melbourne you’re going to bump into Russell and Hugh). You’ve finally got some Wi-Fi and you’re ready to brag on Facebook that you’re now pretty much best mates with Crowe. WHERE’S THAT SD CARD?!!! YOU SWORE YOU PUT IT IN THAT POCKET!! Whoops, you’ve lost the SD card forever. Your sunset footage and selfies are gone. Don’t you wish you’d bought a case for your SD cards? SD cards are also so easy to damage and break which can cause them to no longer work so a case is a handy little thing to have.


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